Google Design Sprint School | Methodology (English)

Google Design Sprint School | Methodology (English)

Design Sprint Methodology

The Design Sprint follows six phases: Understand, Define, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, and Validate.

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While it is recommended to include all six phases of the methodology, there are certainly situations where you might want to run a shorter workshop utilizing these methods. These methods can help align a team on the right problem to solve or provide actionable solutions to a tightly scoped to challenge that can be tested with users at a later date.

The important thing is that you pick the methods that work best for your specific goal and plan the number of days for your Sprint accordingly. Learn, explore, create and find out what works best for the types of problems you typically seek to solve.

In addition to the Design Sprint methodologies, there are a variety of other techniques you may consider, and they are always evolving. Perhaps you’ll contribute a Design Sprint method of your own!